Denmark was kind enough to create a route just for me - the Marguerite Route - marked by a daisy. But even if they hadn't taken that extra step, Denmark would still be a great place. It's a small country but it has some of everything - castles, cathedrals, beaches, amusement parks, green parks. big city life, and small picturesque towns.

This is Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen. Next to it is a beautiful formal garden, and it is also adjacent to a beautiful park. The park is perfect for having a picnic or for just lazing. Along with the beautiful rooms at the castle is a display of the Danish crown jewels - the sapphire set is my favorite!

The Cathedral in Roskilde holds the remains of Danish kings and queens. The sarcophagi run from fairly simple (for royalty anyway) to beautifully ornate. Try to be there when the 16th century clock near the door strikes the hour. This is a picture of the wonderfully painted ceiling - the rest of the cathedral equals it.

Frederiksborg castle in Hillerod is beautiful - it rivals the Palace at Versailles. It's been restored in an interesting manner - the rooms start in the 16th century and go up through the 20th century as you go from room to room. This ferocious lion and the statues in the background are examples of the interesting outside walls of the castle.

Marselisborg Palace outside of Arhus is the summer home of the Danish Royal Family. When they are not living there, you are allowed to roam the grounds. The Palace is in a park-like setting that includes the Queen's rose garden. This is a sculpture on the grounds - I thought it looked cool.

Across the water from Svendborg is a lovely area of several small towns. This is a view of the churchyard from the tower of the church in Bregninge. The graveyards at these little churches are interesting - each of the little squares marked by a hedge is a family plot.

Aeroskobing is a town on the southern island of Aero. The town's old time character has been preserved by the Danish government and is an interesting place to visit. This cute little house has typical curved windows - I was told that the curvature makes it harder to see in, for privacy. On some windows are little mirrors that allow the occupants to see up and down the street. I think both of these are good ideas for occupants of houses that are tourist attractions!


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