Faroe Islands

I've been intrigued by this little country since I was young and had a pen pal there who sent me a book on it. It's a pretty country. Unfortunately, I didn't see as much as I would have liked because of a strike by ferry drivers (to go between the islands). I flew there from Reykjavik for a four day weekend during my trip to Iceland.

This is the smaller, eastern harbor in the capital of Tórshavn (meaning Thor's harbor.) The older part of the city is here around the harbors. The city is small and easily walked.

Turf roofed houses in Tórshavn. I just love these - they look so cool. I think it's also a good way to add more green to city housing.

A little creek and walkway in Viđarlund Park in Tórshavn. I came upon the park while heading to the Art Museum. It was a beautiful park with benches every so often, and a couple little ponds with ducks. I was there on a Sunday, there were some family groups enjoying the park and feeding the ducks.

The town and harbor of Vestmanna. This is the second largest town (population of about 1200) in the Faroe Islands. It's the point on the island of Streymoy where the ferry from Vágar lands. This is also where the boats leave to go on tours of the bird cliffs.

A waterfall in Vestmanna. The Faroes have lots of steep hills with little waterfalls coursing down. It's amazing to see the sheep walking on these steep hillsides grazing. I wasn't aware that sheep were so sure-footed!

The beginning of May was a little early to see some breeds of birds (including the adorable puffins), the birdcliff boat ride is still a good way to see some of the islands. We were able to see kittiwakes, seagulls, and guillemots.

A couple boats at Oyrargjógv. This is where you catch the bus to go to the airport. I thought this covered some key features of the Faroe Islands - water, boats, and steep green hillsides.

My plane back to Iceland. The one coming over was a small jet.


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