New Brunswick

I drove over the long Confederation Bridge from Prince Edward Island to New Brunswick. At the foot of the bridge on the New Brunswick side is the Cape Jourimain Nature Centre. It has many trails and observation points to view Northumberland Strait and a good spot for bird watching. The interpretation center shows the types of birds in the area.

The Kingsbrae Garden in St. Andrews-by-the-Sea has many types of gardens, including an edible garden, a labyrinth and maze garden, scents and sensitivity garden, ponds, animals, and much more. There is also a sculpture garden. This is Zoe by Ryan Moyes. This sculpture represents moving forward and freedom from restraints. Zoe ("life" in Greek) is breaking free from the mold that held her.

I came across these two one lane bridges in Bloomfield. I thought it was interesting that two bridges that were so different were on the same road, with just about 60 yards between them. The road was curvy so I couldn't get them in the same shot.


A beautiful mosaic on the wall of Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Saint John. There were also beautiful stained glass windows and statues throughout the cathedral. I would have liked to take more pictures, but there were about 20 people in the pews waiting for a liturgy to begin. I was standing near the entryway when the priest came in. Being non-religious, I just smiled at him. To my surprise, he graciously stopped for a few minutes and told me about the church before heading up the aisle and starting the service.

King's Square is a lovely little park with a gazebo in the center and statues at the entries to the park. This statue was created by Canadian sculptor Philippe Hebert and was erected in 1910. Samuel Leonard Tilley was a father of the confederation and was knighted by Queen Victoria.

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