The Philippines

I spent most of my 22 days in the Philippines in and near the mountain town of Baguio City. This is a beautiful area! Having lived all my life in Illinois, I took lots of pictures of mountains. The roll of film with my pictures of a less scenic area, the devastation wrought by the eruption of Mount Pinatubo, along with pictures from Manila, was unfortunately damaged. The weather was also great, though a little too hot in Manila for me. The only slightly unpleasant experience was the attention I attracted - at 6'1", I was much taller than nearly all the Filipinos I met!


This is the entry into Baguio City.


The Philippines have a long history with the USA. This is part of the Philippine - American Friendship Garden.


Most of my time in Baguio City was spent at the BC Country Club. For Easter weekend, we had to move into a condo because the members of the Country Club headed up there for the holiday. This is the view from the BCCC rooftop.


Baguio City resident Maria took Texan Barron and me sightseeing and shopping. She did the haggling for us at the market. Handmade items are very cheap in the Philippines, I felt a little guilty about bargaining, but I guess it's expected. We rode uphill in a Jeepney, a form of public transportation. Jeepney are like big Jeeps, very cheap (the trip cost about 7 cents!), and wildly decorated.


Up lots and lots of stairs, is the Lourdes Grotto. From the grotto is a beautiful view of the mountains.


This isn't the view from the grotto, we drove up into the mountains and stopped at a viewing stand. Nearby is a huge stone head of Marcos (Ferdinand, not Imelda - they'd have to have a big shoe for her!)


Agoo Playa on the China Sea.


A jeepney passes in front of the local Hard Rock Café (not affiliated with the better known HRC!)


I took a horseback ride up into the mountains. From up there, I had some great views of terraced rice farms on the mountainside.


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