Switzerland is just impossibly beautiful. Driving through the country was a fantastic experience. I thought it might be difficult with all the mountainous regions, but I had no problem. English is widely spoken, fortunately for me since I wasn't able to learn as much German as I should have.

Along with mountains, I love fountains. Switzerland has many interesting fountains in their city squares and streets. This is a detail of one of the sides of the fountain near the train station (Hauptbahnhof) in Zurich. Most of Zurich's sights spread out south of the station along the Limnat River.

To the left is the thin spire of Fraumunster (Church of Our Lady) - the spire was added to the 13-14th century building in 1732. Inside is the remains of a 9th century church along with stained glass windows designed by Marc Chagall in 1970. The other spire is is Zurich's oldest parish church - dating from the 13th century. The clock was added in 1534 and has the largest clock face in Europe - 9 meters or 28.5 feet in diameter.

Kapellplatz in Lucerne. This is the site of the oldest church in town - St. Peter's, built in 1178. This fountain in the square celebrates carnival revelry. The church is near the Reuss river and the famed Chapel Bridge - the covered bridge crossing the river diagonally.

This is the cog railway up to Wengen. This is a beautiful area, there are some shops and a nice walk along the mountain roads through heards of cows. It was very foggy when I was there and it was kind of weird walking along hearing cowbells but not being able to see the cows!

A chess game during a street market. I saw a few of these giant chess games in Switzerland - this one is in Bern. It was interesting to watch the spectators call out suggestions for moves and have little arguments about which was best.

A mountain view near Zermatt. I kept stopping while driving up because the views were so spectacular. I went to Zermatt to catch trains up to see the Matterhorn. The Matterhorn is impressively majestic, but doesn't have the beauty of some of the other nearby mountains.


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