For years I went to Mesa, Arizona every year to watch the Chicago Cubs at their Spring Training camp. This is a great way to watch pro baseball - it's more up close and personal, plus you can see the players hanging out in hotels and restaurants. But of course Arizona has other sights as well - mountains, deserts, a little canyon....

Entering Arizona with their HUGE welcome sign. Much bigger than those in the nearby states!


The Grand Canyon definitely deserves the name, it's just immense! I can't imagine what it would be like to be riding or walking along and all of a sudden coming across this awe-inspiring site.


A little rock group in Phoenix.

The Phoenix Botanical Garden. It's amazing to see all the different types of desert plants. There's a nice walkway through it.

The Phoenix zoo isn't large, but nice. I have a brick in the walkway leading up to the zoo - I bought it in a fund raiser. I thought I'd use it, since the pictures of the animals didn't show them too clearly.

One of the few brightly colored animals that I saw - flamingoes!

Phoenix from up in South Mountain Park. It's a nice drive through the park.

A cliffside house once used by the native people of this area. It's in a very safe location, almost impossible to get up into.

On the way to Sedona, an artsy area, we drove up twisty roads with occasional sightings of cars that went off the mountain (and after a night of partying - not the best combination!)

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