Florida - America's vacationland! It's been 25 years since I've been to the Disney complex, so no pictures of Mickey and friends. These pictures are almost all along the ocean side of Florida.

A view of the Atlantic from a boardwalk along the ocean in the beaches area. It was nice and peaceful since it wasn't tourist season.


The view along the boardwalk. It stretches for a couple miles and made a nice oceanfront stroll.


A little house near Tampa. The neighborhood had all these cute houses, you can also see the Spanish Moss hanging from the trees.


Along one of the main streets in Miami Beach. This area is all spruced up with colorfully painted buildings, a lot of them Art Deco style. It looks equally cool at night.



Lounge chairs set up along the beach awaiting sunworshippers. A nice touch since the sand is fairly fine and sticky.


The unique and endangered River of Grass - the Florida Everglades. In the past, water has been diverted from the system, though some work is underway to help it recover. I had hoped to see some alligators, but they didn't seem to be home while I was there - great birdwatching though.

The engineering marvel of Coral Castle in Homestead. 5 foot tall Ed Leedskalnin moved tons of coral rock on his own to build this monument to his "Sweet Sixteen." He used only simple tools and it still is unknown how he raised rocks weighing tons. This is the moon fountain, behind it is the Polaris telescope which is focused on the North Star.

A lovely bunch of coconuts growing in a little park.

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