I didn't know much about Liechtenstein before I decided to visit during my trip to Germany. It is one of the smallest countries in the world. The principality is headed by the Prince of Liechtenstein with an elected parliament. It is an alpine country located between Austria and Switzerland. The Swiss franc is the national currency, and the national language is German. I love mountains and Liechtenstein is absolutely beautiful.

Up narrow and winding mountain roads in Triesenberg is an alpaca farm with a yurt where you can spend the night. The yurt itself is pretty roomy with a low doorway. There is a separate shower room about 3 feet from the yurt doorway. The shower building stayed surprisingly warm, and the heater in the yurt kept it nice and toasty, so there was just the 3 foot dash between the two to brave cooler temperatures. There is another building that is split in two - one side is the dry toilet, the other has a little kitchen with sink and stovetop. The refrigerator is in the yurt. It was a very comfortable and different place to stay.

This is one of the alpacas. The alpacas next to the yurt are male, with the female and baby alpacas farther away. I think this guy's name is Charlie and he is the friendliest of the group. He comes up to the fence for petting.

This is a view from the town center of Triesenberg which included several restaurants, the post office, and the church. I ate at Restaurant Kainer, it was very good. The terrace had tables with what is (probably) a great mountain view. Unfortunately, it was raining, and the clouds low so it all just looked grayish white.

The Vaduz Cathedral (Cathedral of St. Florin) was built in 1874 on the site of medieval foundations. This statue of Mary with baby Jesus is one of the statues in the staircase, along with the Pieta.

The interior of the church is beautiful. The altar was created in 1873 by the Josef Leimer workshop in Vienna. The statues in the altar are of Mark, Luke, Matthew, and John - the four evangelists.

The Vaduz Castle towers over Vaduz. The castle keep was built in the 12th century and was expanded in the 17th century. It was also restored and expanded in the 20th century. The castle isn't open to the public as it is the residence of the royal family. There are houses very nearby, it would be interesting to be able to say the royal family is your neighbor.



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